You think if only you were skinnier, prettier, or smarter you’d have the life you want.
You keep pushing to achieve more, striving to change yourself, but no matter what you do or how much you achieve, it still doesn’t feel like the life you want. You wish you could clear all the other voices out of your head to be able to hear your own voice.

You thought by now you’d feel enough. But you don’t.

  • You’re so tired of feeling like you’re not measuring up. You know you’re actually pretty awesome but easily forget.
  • You know the dieting cycle doesn’t work— and actually hurts your body — but you don’t know what to do instead.
  • You have struggled with accepting your body in the past but don’t want to feel ashamed of your body — you want to feel healthy and actually like the way you look.
  • The discomfort you feel in your body is keeping you anxious and discontent within your life.
  • You’re whip smart and can feel the emotions of others. Because of this you often shrink and mold who you are to fit or change the energy of the room.

You’re ready to try something new.

The real reason you don’t feel like you’re enough is because you keep thinking that you have to be different from who you are in order to finally have permission to be yourself.

Read that again. Can you hear the insanity in it?

Thinking you can be you as soon as you “fix” yourself doesn’t work. Any time you try to change yourself to be more you, you aren’t being you. It’s a vicious cycle of self defeating behavior. It’s why diet and workout programs don’t stick, why more success in your job doesn’t feel the way you thought it would, and why it seems like your body is failing you.

You do not need fixing. You are already whole.

I deeply understand this kind of soul-sucking perfectionism. After years of battling my inner critic, feeling like I had to be hard on myself to stay motivated, trying every diet and cleanse under the sun, running myself into the ground, and trying everything to feel better, I finally understand what was missing — knowing what it feels like to be and learning how to tune into my intuition to hear my own answers.

Here’s what I know to be true:
The key to having life feel the way you want it to feel is by removing your masks — the good girl, the perfect girl, the happy girl— letting go of the shoulds, and learning the art of loving, accepting, and being your true self. Show up, just as you are.

There is a voice inside of you waiting to be heard. She knows your way to what you really want and what your vessel needs to thrive.

I know first hand how scary it can feel to let your true self out because she might not be loved or understood by everybody around her—she might not fit in-—and could she really be trusted?

But the real key to manifesting the relationships, career opportunities, the body, and the love you want—and to allow life to feel the way you want—is to embrace who you are and learn how to be the real you.

Create the the life and body you want by being yourself.